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I am a pro drummer, recently retired in Squamish (available for Vancouver to Whistler) looking to join, or form, a solid band for gigs. Here's a few notes for my WishList:

- While gigging, I traveled worldwide as a drummer (Detroit, Las Vegas, Vancouver, cruise ships, Europe, etc)
- Any genre, really, but love BIG band in the genre of R&B, Soul, or Covers.
- I am available to travel, and gig, anywhere/anytime
- Earning a BIG income is not a priority, but believe our skillsets have value, and should not be given away free.

I am an older demographic - late (cough) 50's, but solid with modern material & styles. Great energy!

Have a quick listen:

FUNK - 1 minute demo (solo 2nd time through)

and visit me online:

Interested? Let talk...

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